A variety of popularized techniques are grouped under the procedure “labiaplasty”. These are also known as labia(l) beautification, reduction, contouring, augmentation as well as pubic lift, liposuction, lipoinjection, etc. It is unlikely that you will need all of these. Dr. Placik will perform a clinical exam in order to assess your individual anatomy and to determine the most appropriate procedure to achieve your goals.

Labia Minora Reduction

One of the most commonly performed by Dr.Placik, this procedure is requested by women who state that their labia minora are the problem.

Labia minora (inner lips) are excessively large.




  • This may affect one or both sides (a small degree of unevenness is typcial)
  • Pain, sores, rashes, irritation (friction), inflammation (yeast or moisture).
  • Visiblity (clothing)


  • Congenital (present at birth)
  • Aggravated by repeated pregnancies or prolonged or particularly traumatic labor and delivery
  • Hormonal changes
  • Aging


Excessively large labia which are repeatedly subject to trauma may become irritated, painful, and ulcerated.
Some women report an increased incidence of urinary infections due to difficult hygiene considerations.
Women report that they are uncomfortable or sore while exercising or competing in sports such as bicycle riding.
Large labia minora may interfere with sexual activities preventing stimulation of the clitoris during sex.
Others are embarrassed and refrain or are hesitant to undress in front of a potential intimate partner.
Another frequent complaint is discomfort in tight garments. Many individuals report being embarrassed
by the appearance of their labia in well-fitting clothing such as bathing suits or lingerie. Various techniques
are available for treating prominent labia minora. The standard approach utilized by many gynecologists and
plastic surgeons is a simple removal of leading edge of the labia, thereby shortening and reducing it. The
edge is then repaired. This is the least complicated technique and is easily completed in the office. Another
method recently popularized by Dr. Alter called the “Alter labia contouring” procedure “the new labiaplasty”.
In this surgery, the excess labia are reduced by removing a wedge (pie shaped piece) of labia and closing the
remaining tissue resulting in smaller labia. This produces a scar across the labia rather than running the length
of the leading edge. This is indicated for women in whom the central one third of the labia minora is largest.